List of new Internet Jobs (career of new media of digital age)

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Thu, 04/19/2012 - 12:13

In last 10 years there are more than 100 new jobs. Here is a list of common IT/www-jobs. It is impossible to find the name/title of most these jobs on books and encyclopedia which is older than 15 years.

Account Manager
Ajax Developer
Applications Analyst
Applications Designer
Applications Programmer
Applications Tester
Chemical Informaticist
Circuit Designer
Computer Operator
Computer Support Service Representative
Computer Systems Analyst
Computer Systems Auditor
Customer/Technical Support Specialist
Data Mapper
Database Analyst/Expert
Database Designer
Design Team Manager
Digital Artist
Digital Programmer
Hardware Engineer
Health Informaticist
Human-Computer Interface Designer
Information Architect
Information Systems Manager
Information Technology Support Technician
Interaction Designer
Internet Marketer
IT Consultant
Java Developer
Lab Monitor
Logic Designer
Media Specialist
Multimedia Developer
Multimedia Programmer
Multimedia Specialist
Network Administrator
Network Analyst
Network Designer
Network Engineer
Network Engineering Assistant
Network Manager
Network Support Analyst
Network Technician
Operations Manager
PHP Developer
Product Manager
Production Staff
Project Manager
Quality Control Analyst
Sales Representative
SEO Consultant/Adviser
Server Optimizer
Social Media Resourcer
Software Developer
Software Engineer
Software Tester
Support Service Provider
System Administrator
System Integrator
System Manager
Systems Analyst
Systems Designer
Systems Maintenance Specialist
Systems Programmer
Systems Support Professional
Technical Writer
Telecommunications Specialist
Text Writer
Training Specialist
Usability Analyst
Web Administrator
Web Analyst
Web Designer
Web Developer
Web Security Administrator