How to select a secure password for your online logins

Submitted by n8coder on Wed, 05/12/2010 - 11:41

What is a good password?

A good paswword is:

- at least 8 char long
- includes letters, CAPS and numbers
- never repeated somewhere else
- cannot be found as a string on a search engines, Google finds 0 result for it
- cannot be found in any dictionary/database exists on the world
- nobody incl. your wife can guess / estimate it
- easy to remember for you

To do this build a long sentence, take the first chars of words, combine with usename-userid and service u logging on, encrpyt it with a formel just you know.

Never do:

dont use your private information what your bank or your boss could see, also never use birthday, birthplace, mothers maiden name etc

dont use hobbys what your friends could guess: dont use your favorite star, car, movie, sport-team etc

A good example:

Our sentence: My childhoods teacher Mrs. Anderson was very friendly to my friend Emanuel

First letters: mctmawvftmfe

Our username: n8coder

Service lo login: Google

Temp password: mctmawvftmfeng

And our formel is : Make the first letter UPPERCASE and convert all letters to numbers(zaesig to 243519) and add the first letters of username and service at the end of pwd string.

Our password is : Mctm4wvftmf3n9

And never repeat this sentence loudly as you logging in ;-)