How to mount shared Folder in VirtualBox and Ubuntu Linux

Submitted by rex on Fri, 02/26/2010 - 16:44

1. Install Guest Additions
Open VirtualBox and Start your Virtual Machine.
Click to"Devices" and "Install guest additions"
VirtualBox will a mount a CD with guest additions on your Desktop.

cd /media/cdrom

if you have 32-Bit Linux use
sudo ./

if you have 64-Bit Linux use
sudo ./
After you successful installed guest additions reboot your virtual machine.

2. Create Shared Folder
Click to "Devices" and "Shared Folder" on your virtual machine window.
Click to "add Button" and fill in the both fields "Folder Path" and "Folder Name"
for examle

Folder Path = D:\sharedFolder
Folder Name = sharedFolder

"Folder Path" ist the path on your Host Machine and "Folder Name" the name of your shared folder in your guest varitual machine.
Click "OK"

3. Mount the Folder in your virtual machine.
sudo mkdir /media/sharedFolder
sudo mount -t vboxsf sharedFolder /media/sharedFolder

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