Ubuntu or CentOS or Fedora Linux or Debian on a Webserver (LAMP) ?

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Fri, 12/11/2009 - 15:00

I cannot decide which OS should I take with the EQ4 Server from Hetzner. Really good hardware and much cheaper than Theplanet, 1&1 and Strato etc.

I need a secure and fast server for less than 100 domains and less than 10 active sites with daily 100k+ pageviews and monthly 1-2TB traffic.

I need a good linux distro as webserver with php, mysql, apache, webmin and virtualmin. Later I will need ffmeg. I dont want to pay extra money for control panel like cpanel or plesk. I am not a linux guru therefore it must be easy configurable.

Reasons why i can not decide:

Ubuntu is new and not very stable! Herznet does not pre-install Ubuntu 8 LTS and I must do make kernel downgrade! They have Ubuntu 9.10 but webmins module virtulmin does not support Ubuntu 9.

I dont know why there are both CentOS and Fedora. Both from Redhat and free copy of RHEL enterprise version. Centos's web site look like webmasters newbies affiliate page. Not sure...

Debian is the oldest but not big enaugh no idea how their long term support works. And I think I must do many config works on Debian.

Any idea?

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