Internet for Beginners

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Wed, 06/03/2009 - 00:05

I am going to give an internet/computer course for beginners. What are the most important points for newbies? What should an internet user know? Feel free to add your comments.

What is Internet (history, standarts, html, ...)

what is a search engine (google, yahoo, live, dmoz)

what is e-mail (webmail, popmail)

what is an instant messenger and how to use it (msn, yahoo messenger, icq, gtalk, skype)

what is a forum and how to use bulletin boards

what is a blog and how to open your own blog (wordpress, blogger)

what is a social media site and how to register & use (facebook, myspace, delicious, digg)

what is captcha why we need it

what is malware, spyware, virus and how to remove (trial versions, online virus removal tools)

what is open source and why is it important

how to chat, play games

what is ebay and auction sites

how to buy & sell using internet

how to seeking for jobs over internet

how to sell your old car over internet

what is e-payment and how to use it (paypal, ..)