Easy access webpage

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Wed, 06/10/2009 - 12:12

I am a complete Webpage design novice & want do as little webpage design as poss.
& avoid HTML text writing , so finding an attractive & suitable already established template
is the way forward.

Ive started with WordPress as it was offered by my hosting company.
Problem is it’s a bit limited in being able to directly interact with your webpage.

In my ideal scenario I have a webpage using a pre-designed template
which I can log onto as Administrator,
edit format , text , links , adjust colours , , grids …whatever in a photoshop type way ,
then press the SAVE / PUBLISH button & all the changes are instantly LIVE on the website.
No html text writing , no waiting for 3rd parties to respond. WHO OFFERS THIS ??

Joomla is interesting for a number of reasons BUT you still doing your editing
in another place ( THE BACKPAGE) than the webpage.

Simplicity is the key. Im not an IT geek & dont want to be one!
Photoshop for webpages.Thats what i want.

Any advice??