Display E-Mail Adresse of anonym visitors in Drupal-comments securely

Submitted by n8coder on Sun, 11/11/2012 - 20:12

Visitors post comments and they live sometimes their contact information like email address to get feedback. If you display e-mail spambots will catch them before other visitors. If you dont display, other visitors cannot send feedback. What is the secure anti-spam solution?

Here is what I did:

- email adresse of comment-poster will just partly shown to other anonym visitors (and with a tip to register to see full email)
- email adresse of comment-poster will shown to other registered visitors fully

To do that I need to change Druplas core comment-module and add a couple of php lines.


  <div class="submitted">
    <?php print $submitted ?>
if($comment->mail) {
$comment_posters_name = str_replace("Guest ", "", $comment->name);
$comment_posters_mail = $comment->mail;
$comment_posters_mail2 = preg_replace("#(.*@..)(.*)#sim", "$1", $comment_posters_mail);
"<p><b>E-Mail Addresse of  <u>$comment_posters_name</u> is: $comment_posters_mail</b></p>";
            } else {

                echo "<p><b>E-Mail Addresse of  <u>$comment_posters_name</u>({$comment_posters_mail2}...) is just for < a href="/user/register">registered users< /a> available!</b></p>";

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