Comparison of HDGuard, DeepFreeze, Dr-Kaiser and SteadyState

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Tue, 12/01/2009 - 16:03

I need a good quality software to protect all PCs of an Network (like Schools, Cources, Libaries, Internetcafes etc).

It must be able to protect whole PC incl. all hard disks and partitions (incl. system partition C).

Is should restore to permitted point after each reboot.

It should be much faster than copy and disk-image. Just couple of seconds allowed.

It must be strong enaugh against all malware, viruses, users etc.

It should be able to let admin user to run windows updates or any custom software update.

It must be able to let admin user to save files permamently and change windows settings permamently.

It shouldnt make pc slow.

Users must be able to download 10+ GB ISO files of a Linux distribition.

I could find following candidates:

HD-Guard (from RDT Global)
DeepFreeze (from Faronics)
PC-Wächter (from Dr. Kaiser Systemhaus GmbH)
SteadyState (from Microsoft)

All prices are between 15-35€ except SteadyState is free for Genuine users. Prices are depends on how many licences you buy.

RDT Global HDGuard: 28-38 euro
Faronics Deep Freeze: 18-35 eur
Dr. Keiser : 30 €
MS Steady State: free for Genuine validated users

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