Best websites for cool free fonts to download

This is a list of best -most free- font sites for webdevelopers and screen/graphic designers. The list is sorted by popularity(Google-Pagerank and Alexa) and usability(easy to find/navigate, categories, tags, preview, download speed, less ads, friendly design etc). Most of sites have options for both Microsoft Windows and Apple Macintosh.

Kill a task and exit command line window

I need a function sometimes: kill a process with cmd, also windows command line (black dos window). I have found a solution:

tskill PROCESSNAME & exit

You can do it with && instead of &. Double & means ignore errors from first command and run second command even if first command was not succesfull.

To open command line window click start>>run or use WindowsKey+r.

List all files in a Directory without Filesize, heading info under Windows using MS-Dos Dir command

With following dos command you can list all files in a directory without filesize, heading info under Windows and save it to a filename like allfilesname.txt:

dir /B > allfilesname.txt

How2 Install Windows, Linux and Macintosh on a Macbook Pro?

I want to install and use all popular operating systems on my pc or laptop. I know that vmware makes it possible to work with windows and linux but mac? I think Macbook is the only notebook which I can install multiple OS incl. Mac.

Let make it simple:

I want to install multiple systems on my computer: it doesnt matter if notebook, netbook or pc. (But no ipad)

I want to install these systems:

Windows: (7, xp or -probably not- vista)
Linux: Ubuntu, Debian, Redhat Fedora or any distribition for beginners

if possible I want to try solaris and android too.

Whois for MS-Windows

If you need a linux like whois app. for ms windows xp try this:

Queries for .de domains which get results from Denic shows just status if connect or free.

Convert Windows 7 to XP Mode

To make a 64 bit windows 7 that applications for xp run on it download and install xpmode from ms:

Upgrade from 32 bit Windows Vista / XP to 64 bit Windows 7


I need to upgrade from vista to win7 but cannot because my vista is 32bit and w7 is 64bit.

Comparison of HDGuard, DeepFreeze, Dr-Kaiser and SteadyState

I need a good quality software to protect all PCs of an Network (like Schools, Cources, Libaries, Internetcafes etc).

It must be able to protect whole PC incl. all hard disks and partitions (incl. system partition C).

Is should restore to permitted point after each reboot.

It should be much faster than copy and disk-image. Just couple of seconds allowed.

It must be strong enaugh against all malware, viruses, users etc.

It should be able to let admin user to run windows updates or any custom software update.

How to make screenshots from Bios or Windows pre-loading levels

It is easty to make screenshots under windows using print-key or any related software. But how to make screenshots from Bios? Or before windows loaded ie when you setup windows or formatting disk using a start diskette or cd? Thnaks for anyhelp!

How install Apache, Mysql and PHP on Notebook

I want to install web server, database system and php on my laptop with windows xp. Which is the most secure way and which versions of that software should I take and do I need Lighthttpd and Postgresql too?

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