Why tableless design, DIV vs. TABLE

Everybody says avoid tables when you are creating design elements like layouts, themes, pages... Why?


  • Main
    (X)HTML says; tables are for tabular data not for website-layout
  • Speed
    Tables have much design code than content, divs are faster for download. Save bandwidth!
  • Usability
    Tables let confusing while creating layout(You have to remember which TR or TD ends in which template file)
  • Debug

Table colspan rowspan with DIVs

I want to use DIVs and CSS for my layouts etc. I need some table like areas sometimes. I know that I can create a grid table like element with "display: table", than "display: table-row", than "display: table-cell".

But how can I create a table with colspan and rowspan with CSS and DIVs? Without DIV floating and fixed with / height...


Basic HTML Table with rounded corners

This is a simple html table with rounded corners. It uses minimum code and four small corner images. You can change table width and height, without caring about design. Demo | Download

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