Drupal 7 - Create a user with custom fields based on Taxonomy terms

Let say we have a travel-website. Each user has fields like :
- My Hometown (single entry)
- Visited cities (multiple entries)
- Cities I want to visit (multiple entries)

And we want to restore user-db from an extern-file. We have to prepare taxonomy terms and assign IDs before starting insert data. After parsing data, we can create each user with following php-code.

$uname = "Alex Miller";
$umail = "";

$hometown_id = 123;
$visited_city1 = 345;
$visited_city2 = 456;

$tovisit_city1 = 678;
$tovisit_city2 = 789;

Backup all MySQL databases automagicly with the PHP admin script

Server administration software like Cpanel, Plesl, Webmin etc have already their backup solutions. But they are runned mostly once a week or max a day because of performance reasons. Let say we just want to backup all of our mysql-databases every 2 hours.

To do this:

  • Create a directory like /backup/mysql
  • Save code below under something like backup_mysql.php
  • Chmod it to 755
  • Run it manually or with cronjobs /root/scripts/backup_mysql.php
// use this if your php.ini does not allow shell etc #!/usr/bin/php -n

Server Benchmark with PHP 5 : ThePlanet, Hosteurope, Hetzner

This is a small benchmark test / performance comparison with PHP 5 between ThePlanet, Hosteurope and Hetzner Servers. Servers are not same, and there are RAM difference but in this test RAM plays no big role, but CPU plays. The server from Hosteurope is a virtual server with min. 2GB ram guarantie. The other two are dedicated root servers. ThePlanet's OS is Redhat enterprise, The other two are using Debian.

Hetzner : Intel® Core™ i7-920 Quad-Core with 8GB Ram
Hosteurope: 8 Cores Intel® Xeon® with min 2GB or more
ThePlanet: 2x DualCore Intel(R) Xeon(TM) CPU 3.40GHz with 2GB

Photo Album / Picture Gallery Script with PHP

This is a all-in-one-file small and powerful image gallery script with PHP. Just upload your images to directory of script with FTP. It is free for private use. For a demo click on screenshot-image.


  • Scann directory and display images in web formats automagically
  • Create thumbnail images dynamically on the fly (from all JPEG, GIF, PNG)
  • Sort images by name, size or last modified time

Simple Hello World Module for Drupal 6

This is a small and simple "Hello World!" module for quickstarters who uses Drupal 6x series. We need just one directory and two files:

  • modules/simple_hello_world/
  • modules/simple_hello_world/
  • modules/simple_hello_world/simple_hello_world.module


; $Id$
name = Simple Hello World
description = Description of Simple Hello World module
core = 6.x



Comparison of free Shopping Carts - 2009

This is a comparison of free -mostly open source- "shopping carts" / "e-commerce systems": Magento, osCommerce , Virtuemart (+ Joomla), Ubercart (+ Drupal), X-Cart , Zen Cart , ShopCMS , CS-Cart , Cube Cart , eCommerce Framework G5 (ECF), Ecommerce Templates , FlyingCart, Go Ecommerce EShop Builder , Interspire Shopping Cart , iScripts Multicart , JadaSite , JShop , LiteCommerce , PhPepperShop, PrestaShop, ProductCart , Ecommerce Shopping Cart Software , VP-ASP Shopping Cart , WebAsyst Shop-Script , Zeus Cart (AJ Shopping Cart).

Register Globals Emulator for PHP

If your webhosting turned register-globals off and you are still using a script/software which requires register-globals on you have a problem. But there is an easy solution: Just put this code at the top of your php script(s). Attention!!! "register_globals=on" means a huge security risk. Do not turn it on unless you know what are you doing!
Technorati Profile

foreach(array($_GET, $_POST, $_COOKIE) as $k=>$v){
	foreach($v as $k2=>$v2){
		$$k2 = $v2;

Repair all mysql databases-tables with PHP

phpMyAdmin is a great tool but there is no option to repair all databases at once yet. Imagine you have no shell-access and need to repair all your 100 databases. It would take long time. This small PHP-Script lets you list, analyze and repair all your databases belong to same user at once.

If you already have shell access you can do it with mysqlcheck:

mysqlcheck -u root -p --auto-repair --check --optimize --all-databases

Repair with PHP:


Find top level domain from international urls with PHP

The format of both "" and "" is similar for php. But one of them is top level domain and the other one is a subdomain. explode(".", $tld) is not enaugh to find real tld in this case. This function helps to dedect all known tlds including multi-level regional tlds. It could be useful for fraud dedection or finding duplicate sites under different tlds.


*	powered by
*	free for private use
*	please support us with donations

function find_tld($url){

$purl  = parse_url($url);
$host  = $purl[host];

Url manipulation with mod_rewrite and php-catcher for beginners

Url manipulation is one of the hottest areas on the new generation web (2.0). It provides more security and flexibility. It is user and search-engine friendly. The most popular combination is Apache-webserver + mod_rewrite + server-side catcher(mostly a php-file). In this tutorial we use very short examples to make it easy for newbies.

Why url manipulation & mod_rewrite?

  1. more security: hide file location
  2. shorter urls without file extensions like .html
  3. easy to remember / recommend urls
  4. search engine friendly
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