Comparison of Mozilla Firefox 4 and Microsoft Internet Explorer 9

I have just installed MSIE 9 and Firefox 4 rc2 on my computer.

User interface on both browsers are similar. Firefox'es home-button moved to right of url bar. Just back-forward buttons are visible. Tabs are on the top. Url-bar are shorter.

Javascript performance on both systems are similar. Some tests with jquery gave Firefox more points. But Firefox still needs more ram than msie.

Both systems support HTML5 and CSS3.

The visual difference between MSIE8 and 9 is more than the one between Firefox3 and 4.

Firefox let resize textareas.

CSS Text effects for MSIE

Here are some cool css text effects for microsoft internet explorer. You can use them with images too.

Jquery's effects doesnt work with Internet Explorer

I am using internet explorer 8 and last version of jquery. But some effetcs like slidedown, fadein, fadeout dont work with msie but works very good with mozilla firefox 3.5. How to fix it?

PNG transparency issue with internet explorer 6

I see a problem with transparent png-logo. I am using internet explorer 6 right now.

MSIE8 BrowserProxy.System is Null or no-object

Each time when I run internet explorer I get following error:

BrowserProxy.System is Null or no-object


Do you want to let Scripts run on this page?

Any tips how2 fix it or why it happens?

Test a webpage with IE5.5, IE6, IE7 and different javascript and css versions

I have just found a free software to test webpages with different Internet Explorer versions. Did anybody really test it ? Can this really simulate all css and javascript versions correctly on both XP and Vista?

This is the url where I downloaded IETester:

Thank you!

Mozilla Firefox vs Microsoft Internet Explorer

I want to open this topic to collect most important information and usage statistics about ff and msie.

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