'Similar entries' block cannot be saved

'Similar entries' block cannot be saved andy idea why?

Path: admin/build/block/configure/similar/0

MSIE8 BrowserProxy.System is Null or no-object

Each time when I run internet explorer I get following error:

BrowserProxy.System is Null or no-object


Do you want to let Scripts run on this page?

Any tips how2 fix it or why it happens?

Attempting to pop table window

When I play pool/billard on Yahoo I get an error offen. I click on a table to open a game windom. Window opens, java loading and yes loading loading..... Wht isthe problem?

Strange error on mixx by submitting a new link

I get this error wehen I submit a new link to mixx: "It's OK, this happens all the time--some of those weird letters are hard to make out. Just retype the new set of letters.". Any idea why it happend and how solve it?

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