Bing vs. Google: a small comparison

Bing vs. Google
This is a small comparison between Google and Microsoft's new search engine Bing. I tried to compare most used features for web search and results quality. Quality of image and video search like common services would be the point of next article.

Google's goal is simplicity and experience. Google's huge stats make available to find relation between different search terms. Bing's goal is Curiosity. People want to see what can a Google-competitor search engine do.

Fix Google Adsense Search and Drupal Conflict

Google Adsense internal search code does not work with Drupal sites normally. The reason is $_GET[q] conflict between both services. $_GET[q] means "current page" for Drupal and "search query" for Google. We can fix it with two easy steps.

Step 1:
Create a custom page like "websearch" etc under Drupal and add Adsense Code for results page.

Step 2:
Add this code at the top of your Drupal's index.php:

// Fix Drupal-Adsense conflict
$_GET[q] = ($_GET['cx']) ? "websearch" : $_GET[q] ; 

300 Websites WorldWide with Google Pagerank 9

PageRank is a website analysis algorithm of Google with the purpose of "measuring" its relative importance to other websites on the web. After Google's new search alghoritm "Panda" it is getting less importance while sorting search results.

Nearly 300 domains -with PR9- listet alphabetically:

How can get pageRank 10?

I saw the list of websites with PR 10. One of them is very unusual:

And it is not a website anymore it is just a parked domain on

How can such a domain get Pagerank 10?

As Google updated its alghoritm to "Panda", it shouldnt come to such strange results.

List of Domains with Google PageRank 10

Google updated Pagerank database in august 2011. Here is a list of top 10 Domains with Google PageRank 10. (social media) (us-american news company) (social bookmarking script) (Chinese Goverment) (a service of Google) (US Goverment) (US-Department of Health and Human services) (PHP-Mysql based real time web analytics software, open source alternative to Google Analytics)

Pagerank Update from Google at 22 January 2011

After April 2010 there was no Pagerank Update till yesterday night. Thousands of webmasters waited for this moment. And finally Google updated its SearchIndex with Pagerank. Next week we should hear from big changes, that ita was relative long time. There must be many websites with big pagerank changes.

Google shortcuts - translate:something

I just tought there must be something like translate:a_strange_word and Google translation page coming. Perfect! I can think like Google ;-)

Other shortcuts

Number + Number
CityName Weather

We can't provide service under the Gmail name in Germany

We can't provide service under the Gmail name in Germany; we're called Google Mail here instead.

If you're travelling in Germany, you can access your mail at

Oh, and we'd like to link the URL above, but we're not allowed to do that either. Drat.

For general information about Google, please visit or

I got that error above when I try to activate Google Apps mail forwarding for my domain name. Any idea how2 fix it ?

How GoogleBot index AJAX powered websites?

I wonder how Googlebot and other webcrawlers index content of AJAX powered webpages? Any idea?

Google Apps Email - Updating Google servers

- Updating...

Updating Google servers... This may take up to 1 hour to complete.
We are updating Google servers to enable email for your domain.

The message above is appearing since 3 days. 1 hour take more than 3 days? I have alredy configured everything as google man pages. etc.

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