The most expensive domain names ever sold (2010) : $1.650.000.000 : Google bought Youtube and all services for the most expensive price on the web. : $14.000.000 the most expensive domain sale of all the time( the word "sex" is the most searched word online) : $10.000.000 sold in 2008 : $10.000.000 in 2007. : $8.000.000 in 1999 by an californian advertisement program. : $7.500.000 : $7.000.000 (why not ,, etc ?) : $5.100.000 in 2000 and probably the most terrible expensive domain name

Find top level domain from international urls with PHP

The format of both "" and "" is similar for php. But one of them is top level domain and the other one is a subdomain. explode(".", $tld) is not enaugh to find real tld in this case. This function helps to dedect all known tlds including multi-level regional tlds. It could be useful for fraud dedection or finding duplicate sites under different tlds.


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function find_tld($url){

$purl  = parse_url($url);
$host  = $purl[host];

Insufficient diversity of Nameserver's IPv4 addresses

I am trying to register a .de domain with denic and get this error while cheking nameservers:

Insufficient diversity of Nameserver's IPv4 addresses

Any idea how to fix it?

Schnelle Domain Umzug mit KK-Antrag

Das ist eigentlich für .de domains welche durch DENIC verwaltet werden.

KK-Antrag (Konnektivitätskoordination) ausfüllen und an altem Provider faxen.
Drauf soll stehen an welchem Provider und wer der neue Inhaber ist.
Wenn es nötig ist auch ein Kopie von Ausweis oder Firmen-Stempel / Bestätigung mitfaxen.

Lieber Paar Tage warten und dann an neuem Provider den KK-Antrag schicken,
damit es vom alten Provider nicht abgelehnt wird.

Domain registration feedback

I have registered a domain name and got following feedback. What does it mean?


Status: Ok

action: create domain
task: 0101
sld: mydomainname
tld: net
owner-c: OWNER-0123-000001
admin-c: OWNER-0123-000001
tech-c: ADMIN-0123-000001
zone-c: ADMIN-0123-000001
registrystatus: lock
transaction: Reseller/123456/7891234567.01


Status: Ok

The account provided is ineligible for use with the option below. Please select another option.

Hello I want to transfer a domain to another account under Godaddy but I get this error: "The account provided is ineligible for use with the option below. Please select another option. " It is an existing -new- account. Why cant I change account owner/registrar easily? What is the reason for this error?

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