Alexa Toolbar for Android Mobile Phone

I would like have a toolbar like Sparky or Searchstatus for Mozilla or something like Alexa Toolbar for Internet Explorer. I am using Android OS for my mobile phone. Nexus. Thanks

Alexa Sparky Toolbar or SearchStatus?

I am a web developer from south Germany(near Swiss/French border). I create websites for a couple of small clients. I want to get responsibility about SEO too. But I am relative in in this part. Which tools should I use to monitore SEO position and improve it? I have found just some webservices which shows just Pagerank, Alexa, Compete etc. But most of that services are just USA related and they offer nothing interesting for european/german users. Thanks! M.K.

Alexa Toolbar for Apple Safari

I wonder if there is an Alexa toolbar or add-on for Apple Safari browser. I know there is Alexa Toolbar for MSIE and there are multiple add-ons like Sparky or Searchstatus for Mozilla Firefox. In the future I will need also such plug-in for Opera and Android too.

Websites offering Alexa Toolbar and manipulation

Sometimes I see a non-real difference on Alexa between websites. Some of websites advertising for MSIE Alexa Toolbar or Sparky for free. They want get a better place on Alexa ranking using own visitors traffic combined with Alexa Toolbar. Is this legal?

On the other side there a websites with huge traffic, but they get a bad rang because their visitors not using Alexa.

How Alexa rate websites

I still do not understand how Alexa works. Does Alexa ignore totally internet users without Alexa toolbar? Or just estimate them? For some branches internet users using much toolbar and for some branches no toolbar. How can Alexa mess them correctly? I think Google should buy Alexa and not Amazon!

Strange results from Pagerank and Alexa while comparing top-forums

Pagerank: 5
Alexa: 5.837

Pagerank: 8
Alexa: 6.697

Pagerank: 6
Alexa: 73.008

I was searching for the best free forum-system. After reading some artciles on BBs, wanted to compare the best 3 system. The result confused me very much and I can not still decide. How comes that the best one on Alexa has the worst PageRank on Google?

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