Search in text files recursively with PHP - Grep

Every linux user knows the power of grep, which saves us hours. Sometimes we need to find a string/word from html-output of a large CMS, but we dont know in which directoty/file is it. PHP-Grep helps us in this situation with searching in all directories/files under given path.


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	define("SLASH", stristr($_SERVER[SERVER_SOFTWARE], "win") ? "\\" : "/");
	$path	= ($_POST[path]) ? $_POST[path] : dirname(__FILE__) ;
	$q		= $_POST[q];

	function php_grep($q, $path){
		$fp = opendir($path);
		while($f = readdir($fp)){
			if( preg_match("#^\.+$#", $f) ) continue; // ignore symbolic links
			$file_full_path = $path.SLASH.$f;
			if(is_dir($file_full_path)) {
				$ret .= php_grep($q, $file_full_path);
			} else if( stristr(file_get_contents($file_full_path), $q) ) {
				$ret .= "$file_full_path\n";
		return $ret;

		$results = php_grep($q, $path);

	echo <<



Download this free php script (PHP-iGrep File Search)625 bytes

And it works under both Linux and Microsoft Windows. Tested with Apache + PHP4/PHP5.

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